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Architecture and Inspiration

Get inspired. Solar has never looked so good!

Building-integrated photovoltaic systems are the sustainable architecture of the future and offer aesthetic possibilities for well-designed energy production. Explore unparalleled PV solutions for any areal requirement – from urban living spaces and sustainable logistics buildings to photovoltaic university buildings.

Residential building with photovoltaics

Modern living spaces with ground-floor commercial spaces surrounded by a solar building envelope

The 5-storey residential building with surrounding balconies and building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) contributes to a sustainable energy transition in an efficient and aesthetic way. Its double façade is composed of warm sliding windows which enclose the room and a cold second layer that integrates sliding glass elements and vertical PV modules in a grid. They serve as an insulating energetic buffer zone and reduce the thermal heat loss of the building.

The passive solar design of the BIPV system ensures that the living space is well-insulated. Depending on the season, the intermediate area regulates the solar radiation and heating, allowing natural ventilation of the rooms according to outdoor temperatures and weather as well as an active and passive use of solar energy.


Commercial logistics hall with a folded BIPV system

Aesthetic solar architecture on a large scale

This commercial hall combines futuristic design with future-oriented architecture. Its solar system is constructed of vertically stacked PV panels that are folded in pairs at an angle of approximately 20° to each other. This slope is not only an architect's decision in order to create a powerful design effect. It also increases the size of the solar-active panel surface by 6%. The folding of the façade makes it a scalable solution for different façade grids and installation requirements.

City office building with horizontal parapet bands made of PV

Urban and sustainable constructing with flexible building-integrated photovoltaics

The 7-storey office building with an urban location combines gridded glazing with parapet bands made of building-integrated photovoltaic modules. The elegant parapet lines in the ceiling area of the respective floors accentuate the horizontality of the building and provide a contrast to the transparent glass surfaces. The solar panels smoothly blend into the building design.


Ecological seminar and lab building with a curved PV building envelope

Organic solar design architecture on a campus

ENVELON solar panels come with high design freedom thanks to their customizable colors and color shadings. The aesthetic impact they create is best shown with this building on a university campus. The curved façade made of green photovoltaic panels highlights the beauty of the colored modules at different angles of sunlight. Each vertical strip is composed of stacked PV modules, reflects solar light in a unique way and thus creates a structured building design with a lighter and more organic appearance. The green of the installed solar panels, the wooden architecture and the green roofs all convey the sustainability of the property – a green laboratory in a green environment.


Office building with gridded BIPV perforated façade

Building integrated photovoltaics in a minimalistic design

The solar façade installed to this building is strictly gridded and completely covered with photovoltaics. Both the spandrel bands and the vertical wall sections integrated between the windows are made of the same ENVELON PV elements with standard dimensions. The lowered windows have white reveals with an east-facing slope, thus they contrast with the dark-colored BIPV façade. The deep window niches provide passive protection of the building  – their depth has the effect of an overhang which prevents profuse heating due to solar radiation of the summer sun.


Visitor Center with Gastronomy with BIPV roof and façade

Style: compact cubic building with BIPV roof and façade. Architectural elements: the stand-alone building along a tourist route in the mountain scenery near a stream seeks to blend into its surroundings and incorporates the terrain with its form; a special feature is its use of the same, horizontally laid standard modules in both the roof and façade, facing south; glass openings in the form of a sunroom emphasize the solar-active character of the building - in line with the building's function: a visitor center with gastronomy.



Architect and inspiration: Peter Kuczia

Visualization: Alek Pluta | nomadd-studio