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Technical Aspects of Solar-active Façade Systems

One system – endless possibilities

ENVELON has adopted a streamlined systems approach for active façades. The system can deliver a customized façade look without the headaches and costs of a custom system. The technical design and the connection equipment remain the same.

Our customers decide how they want to use ENVELON’s experience and innovative technology. We offer different models, from simply supplying the façade panels to complete turnkey installation. In any case, our network of experienced international partners ensures that things are handled with care and dependability.

Dual-purpose façades: combining technologies pays for itself

ENVELON adds a new dimension to façade thanks to the combination of beautiful glass façade panels and integrated solar power, available in different colors. An ENVELON façade fulfills all the functions of a conventional façade and, in addition, offers significant additional value because it reduces the building’s carbon footprint by generating green electricity, which effectively helps to combat climate change.

This combination is also what makes the ENVELON system so cost-effective. In contrast to conventional rooftop solar installations that typically only serves to generate power, the ENVELON system makes it possible to cover two technical aspects with one investment. This means that for building owners, it isn’t the total cost of the system that determines whether the investment is cost-effective, but rather the additional benefits of a photovoltaic façade compared to a conventional glass façade.  Unlike a traditional façade, ENVELON’s energy façade pays for itself within just a few years, particularly in this era of skyrocketing energy costs, and continues to generate value for the owner for years to come.

System design makes maintenance straightforward

ENVELON energy façade systems consist of two main elements: the mounting system and electrical wiring and glass energy façade panels with integrated photovoltaics. The mounting hardware is hidden behind the architectural façade panels and the internal solar panel electrical connections are hidden by the architectural colors of the panels. Both the mechanical connections to the building and the associated electrical wiring conform to building and electrical safety codes.

The ENVELON system design simplifies the installation and maintenance of façades. The individual elements are simply clipped into the substructure, which makes it possible to quickly complete the construction project. Later, if necessary, the façade panels can be replaced in a very short time, which further increases the sustainability of the investment.


The innovative façade system from ENVELON integrates high-quality photovoltaic modules into a beautiful, durable, and application-flexible glass façade. This means that almost any building can generate solar power.

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Service and performance

We can't guarantee the sun will always shine. But thanks to our comprehensive advice and service orientation, our customers are never left in the dark when planning, installing and operating our system.

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Aesthetic and architecture

Whether residential or commercial properties, multi-storey car parks, public buildings or specialist stores – buildings are everywhere. They surround us and shape our lives. ENVELON brings architectural beauty and solar energy together for a more beautiful and sustainable world.

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